Teachers, Dancers and Choreographers of Tango Argentino since 1997, Eduardo Cappussi and Mariana Flores are owners of a unique style, masterfully combining dance, theatre, mime and clown with a flawless technique.

Cappussi & Flores are one of the most respected, creative and expressive tango dancers in their native Argentina and abroad, stooding out and heading the list of most of the major tango events and international festivals of Argentine Tango in Argentina and the world.

They stand out for their particular way of interpreting Tango in their shows, amazing the audience.

Since 1997, they have made presentations and received tributes and distinctions in the most important and traditional milongas of Buenos Aires city.



Mariana Flores graduated in acting from the National School of Dramatic Art, nowadays UNA (National Univiversity of the Arts), in Buenos Aires.

Her artistic training also includes her participation in seminars with renowned teachers of clown, mimo and singing.

Her artistic experience includes her leading role in the play Tests, by Nelly Fernandez Tiscornia, performed at the Municipal Theater of Morón, Municipal Theater Roberto J. Payró, and Municipal Theater of Baradero, in Buenos Aires.
She participated in the humor/varieté cycles in Ave Porco, Finisterra Bar, Pan y Teatro Restaurant and the Cultural Centre Torquato Tasso.

She was also part of the cast of Soles y Lunas directed by the famous Alfredo Alcón, and integrated the cast of the play The Assembly of the Women by Aristofanes that was selected to perform at the IX International Theatre Festival in Canela, Brasil.


Eduardo Cappussi began dancing tango in 1990 with famous teachers and dancers of Argentine tango. Since then, he has continued his research and study, developing a unique style.

He received awards and distinctions for his participation in prestigious tournaments of tango in Buenos Aires and he joined the cast of renowned theatrical productions, such as Tango Varsoviano directed by the distinguished playwright and director Alberto Felix Alberto. The play was awarded with the Moliere Air France and the Carbonell Miami Award of the United States, making a tour of Sydney, Australia.

He joined the cast of the innovative play Tango Dreams, produced by the famous Tango producers Juan Fabri and Dolores de Amo, and directed by the famous dancer and director Carlos Bórquez.

He participated and led seminars, master classes, and took part in conferences in Arizona, United States.

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